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Targeted advertising with unparalleled feedback – Google AdWords

This sounds like a bold statement but it is true. Advertising through traditional media is difficult and certainly time consuming to measure the direct return on investment. The Internet has advertising systems available that when combined with a powerful tracking service can give incredible levels of detail about traffic on your website. This allows visitor actions to be carefully measured allowing us to refine the experience for future users of your website. Marketing budgets can be closely monitored and controlled giving you the ability to make decisions about your costs day by day, even hour by hour.

With Google AdWords it is possible to target the specific words and phrases that a potential customer would use to find your product. Correctly implemented AdWords campaigns will make sure your advertisements only appear in front of people that would find your product relevant. Now this ability is great by itself but we can go even further if it fits the marketing plan. You can choose to only pay for displayed adverts that people then click on to visit your site! An incredible level of control when you relate it back to the placement of an advert with traditional media where you pay a fee and are not guaranteed any return from it.

When the AdWords system is combined with the Analytics service; the real power of the Google suite of tools will become apparent. With carefully crafted AdWords campaigns directing traffic into your website; visitors entering via an advert can be monitored separately to other traffic. This allows the cost of advertising to be measured directly against any goals set within the site. Such as signing up to a newsletter or making a purchase through your e-commerce system. As well as gathering information about visitor’s movements within your site it could even be configured to record the sale price and items that were purchased! So you would then be able to easily see the entire journey that your customer took from showing an interest in your product; to making the sale and hopefully returning in the future.

All of this data is integrated into one neat and accessible system that can provide all the detail needed to be able to make confident decisions about marketing effectively and evolving your business.

What I have described above gives a broad picture to the services available, however this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are real opportunities to learn about your customers in an unobtrusive manner. We are more than happy to fill in the rest of the picture if you are interested….

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