Understand how your customers are thinking

Perhaps mind-reading is stretching things, but we can certainly look very closely at how people are behaving in relation to your website. Analytics is the collective name given to the study of online behaviour, and specifically the behaviour of your website’s visitors and potential visitors.

Psychology of the Web

As a type of ‘web psychology’, the ultimate goal of Web Analytics is to determine which aspects of your website work best to help achieve your objectives. e-IGNiTION’s analytics experts can not only extract that data on your behalf; they can interpret and extrapolate it in order to develop potential strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your site.

Establishing Market and Web Trends

There are two distinct though related categories of web analytics work; off-site and on-site. Off-site web analytics refers to the study of online behaviour on a wider scale, and can be relevant irrespective of whether you own or maintain a website. Off-site analytics includes the measurement of a website’s potential or opportunity audience, its visibility or its wider relevance to the web community as it currently exists. e-IGNiTION can use tools to look at these crucial elements of your market, and can discuss with you how your site serves that market through changing seasons or economic conditions and fluctuations in trend and fashion. By gathering data on who’s looking for what and where, and how that compares to the products and services that you are currently focussing your efforts on, off-site analytics can provide you with invaluable management information for decision making.

Analysing your Site Traffic

On-site web analytics measure a visitor’s journey once they are on your website. Establishing where your visitors are coming from is just the first step in a focussed on-site analytics campaign. Next stages may include drivers and conversions or an audience’s response to a campaign or initiative. Why does a user visit your homepage and then move on without looking around? Which landing pages encourage users to make a purchase or browse around your site? Why do they make it to your Contact Us page but not leave their details? How long did they spend on your site and what were they particularly interested in? How do you encourage them directly to the page that you want them to reach?

e-IGNiTION can help to answer all of these questions and more by interpreting data from on-site web analytics tools that have been set up to measure traffic to and around your site. Once we have answers, we will make recommendations on your existing site configuration and help you to implement informed changes that can radically change the way that customers navigate around and react to your website.

Intelligent Decision Making

Analytics involves the gathering data about activity, but its true power exists in the interpretation of that data in the context of your organisation and market. At e-IGNiTION, our analytics experts will decipher the raw data and present it to you in the context of your business aims and objectives. That allows us to work together to make coherent improvements to your website that translate from your business strategy all the way down to the structure of your adverts and navigation paths.