Reserve a table for success

These days, online booking systems are as ubiquitous as the payment systems that they feed. Travel companies, hotels, ticket agencies, theatres and cinemas all offer their customers the flexibility of choosing and paying for exactly what they want, where and when they want it.

Incorporating your Existing Processes

By rigorously modelling the way that you currently take and process bookings, schedule your products or services or advise customers on availability, e-IGNiTION can effectively transfer that part of your business model to an online format.

Search, Select and Spend

Times and dates for restaurants, room requirements for hotels and venue reservations for activity providers can all be accommodated and integrated into a secure online payment system.  Equally, if online payment is not something you require, your system can simply take bookings and store the details for your staff to use at a later stage in the process.

Rich internet techniques deliver user-friendly and intuitive interactive calendars and real-time online processing to ensure that duplicate bookings or assignments are impossible to make, with everything securely held in efficiently designed and secure back-end database implementations that will give you the power to deliver unbeatable online service to your customers.