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At e-IGNiTION we like to think of the work that we do to put your website in place for you as comprising three distinct, though clearly related elements.


The first is Creative Design. Our Web Designers are graphic artists first, but are also experts in understanding your culture; interpreting ethos, strategy and customer desires and combining those requirements into a design, colour scheme and approach that reflects your organisation.


With the design agreed, our Site Developers can get on with building the framework of your website. Taking the future elements of e-IGNiTION’s online marketing work into account, we build search engine friendly websites that follow best practice development standards. Innovative techniques combine with accessibility options and appropriate emerging technologies to ensure that your site functions well, but also represents your organisation and the message it wants to convey.

Content Management

Finally, your site might look good, but it is crucial that it operates well under all web conditions, that you are able to update it yourself if you need to and most importantly that it becomes your tool for your organisation. Rigorous user acceptance testing, open source content management system (CMS) integration and true ownership of your site means that if you ever wanted to leave e-IGNiTION, you could do so with your website as your own, poised for future development. Of course we hope that by that stage you’ll be convinced that e-IGNiTION is your perfect website and online marketing partner, and won’t want or need to go elsewhere.

Have a look around this section of the site to find out more about our website design and development methodologies.