Only pay for the advertising that works

Consider a scenario where you only pay for adverts that deposit people right in the middle of your shop or at your organisation’s front desk; how confident would you be that you could make a customer out of those people?

Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns

Sounds great? Well, believe it or not we can make this happen for your organisation. e-IGNiTION’s targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns will allow you to display effective and focused advertising on the front pages of the most popular search engines, and you’ll only pay when someone clicks on that advert and visits your site.

When you commission e-IGNiTION’s Search Engine Marketing Team to put together or take over a Pay per Click (PPC) or Cost per Impressions (CPM) campaign on Google AdWords, you will benefit from an expert managed SEM service that directly engages with the people who are poised to buy your products and services. Understanding the concepts and purposes behind emerging approaches like behavioral and intent based search means that we can structure your ads, and the landing pages that they lead to, so that visitors are driven subconsciously towards a conversion. Thoughtfully worded campaigns, leading to aspirational and inspirational copy, will make the route from search to sign-up so compelling that visitors will find it hard to resist.

Every member of our search engine marketing team has extensive Google Adwords expertise, and all are working their way towards the Google AdWords Qualified Professional Certification. Of course we are not just experts in Adwords, if you want to use Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft’s adCenter, we can advise impartially on the best approach for you. The great thing about these advertising tools is that, unlike a traditional advert or piece of editorial, it is possible for us to review at a glance the success of your campaign and whether or not our efforts are translating into visitor conversions.

Maximise Return on Investment

We can incorporate existing AdWords campaigns into our main client account, allowing us to optimise your campaigns so that you spend less money to get more visitors and improve your return on investment (ROI). We will also track and analyse, in the context of our ongoing discussions with you about your business, every advert and click of each campaign we run to find out what the best approaches to AdWords are best for you and your organisation. Using our analytics statistics and reporting will also let you see exactly where your PPC or CPM budget is going.

Driving Down your Costs

We would be the first to admit that people are often put off by advertising links in search engines, so of course all of our SEM work will be done in the context of our ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts. If managed properly, SEO can achieve fabulous organic rankings for your site, removing much of the need to spend money on anything other than the most targeted keyword campaigns. If you prefer, you might want us to design and implement an online mass mailing campaign using newsletters, as an alternative or accompanying part of your strategy. These areas are exactly where the e-IGNiTION integrated online marketing approach can start to save you money, and taken to its logical conclusion can support your decisions about value for money and ROI across your entire marketing campaign, traditional and online.