Function with form

Web Standards

e-IGNiTION specialises in building bespoke websites to match organisational needs. Churning out cloned sites from stock templates just isn’t our thing, but that doesn’t mean that your site has to cost you a fortune. Our team employs valid HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and other W3C standardised web development techniques to make sure that your site complies with industry best practice. Our websites are search engine friendly, and we will advise you on meeting accessibility guidelines so that your users will understand what you are saying regardless of disability.

Intuitive Navigation

When it comes to function, we ensure that your site will engage without frustrating your customers. Straightforward and intuitive navigation and well laid out text and graphics need not come at the expense of creative impact, and our developers and designers work closely to ensure that your high quality, easily navigable website still has the ‘wow’ factor.

Multi-platform Capable

Consistent operation is crucial too, and e-IGNiTION’s web development team will develop a site that operates as well on Firefox or Safari as it does Internet Explorer, and as effectively on a mobile phone or PDA as it does on a high speed broadband connection. This work can include appropriate site hosting, reliable server access, domain name registration and e-mail configuration, or transfer of existing sites, and of course their rankings, across from your previous provider.

Efficient Database Design

Our sites come with a Content Management System (CMS) as standard, and we will be happy to configure this for your own use and train your staff in its operation. If your site is database driven, we will scope and design your requirement from first principles, applying rigorous SSADM techniques to efficiently gather your requirements and consign update and transactional errors to the recycle bin.

We’re ready for Web 2.0 if you are, and we encourage our developers to spend at least 25% of their time educating themselves on new techniques and emerging technologies to keep them at the forefront of our industry. Web 2.0 is all about the interconnectivity and interactivity of web-enabled content, and so blogs, RSS, social networking, embedded video, podcasting, live chat support features and other sharing technologies are all part of the e-IGNiTION offering if you want them to be.