Something to sell

Buying over the Internet is now commonplace, with now well over 10% of all retail transactions in the UK being carried out over the Web. As you would expect, online stores reflect their physical counterparts in number and variety, with every high street retailer incorporating a web presence into their existing portfolio of channels to market. Other retailers have done away with a physical sales presence entirely, with emerging companies like Easyjet, Direct Line and Amazon compelling their customers to use a combination of Internet and phone to buy products and services. The operating economies that can be gained by selling over the Web have led some of these retailers to go a stage further, penalising would-be phone customers with high per-minute call charges and excruciating automated answering systems that often drive you in a never ending loop of options and dead-ends.

Economies over Traditional Retail

So online shopping has brought about a fundamental change in the way that modern commerce is conducted, and in doing so, has exposed retailers to a far wider market than would ever before have been possible without a large number of ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. Consider whether or not your competitors have an existing online sales presence, and evaluate its effectiveness to help you gauge how your organisation could be expanding its target market by selling over the Internet.

Online Transactions

e-IGNiTION can implement online e-commerce for your organisation, and the system can be tailored to incorporate the best approach, layout and structure for your products and services. Whether you would rather start with a pilot on restricted product lines or implement a full-blown online version of your existing business, we can quickly have your system online and working for you. We will also advise on online payment options, which can be put in place whether you have an existing electronic payment system or not. Client data and payment transaction security come as part of the package, meaning that your customers can make online purchases with confidence, and through administrative logins and tools you can keep track of everything that is bought and how much has been paid.

User-driven Stock Population

Our system allows you to add your own detail with multiple images, innovative zooms, user-driven colour and size options, video, sound and many other features that will effectively display your products and services. When combined with our database driven scheduling and availability systems, online booking and reservations can also be accommodated within your e-commerce system.

Whether you are a small specialist shop, large traditional retailer, a hotel, restaurant, theatre or just an organisation looking to sell online without a physical ‘high street’ presence, let e-IGNiTION incorporate a bespoke e-Commerce system into your stunning new website.