Give your website the success factor

Our experience of developing websites for customers has shown that through time, people choose not to update or change their site, particularly if they have to pay a website development company a fee every time they want to make that change. This situation, although common, can be very dangerous for your web presence.

Untended Sites Lose Visitors

From a customer viewpoint, an untended site provides a static experience of your ‘online’ organisation; it is important to ask yourself what impression that leaves the viewer with. It could be that they will visit less because they know that they won’t find anything new, or worse still they could assume that because you don’t update your site, you run the rest of your business in a similar way.

From a search engine perspective, sites that do not update their content can quickly lose ranking. To Google or one of the others, if a site is the same every time they crawl your site, the googlebot simply stops visiting.

Websites That Live

At e-IGNiTION we build sites that live. We want to see them develop organically and reflect the new directions, latest thinking or plans for your organisation. So that you can take control of your own updates, all of our sites are built with Content Management System (CMS) integration included. A CMS allows you to update text, images, links, blogs, news items and all sorts of site features so that you can keep it looking fresh for its visitors, whether they are customers or web spiders. Updates are made in an intuitive online editor, and we’ll even provide you with training in how to get the most out of the system.

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

There are lots of high quality open source content management systems out there, and each has its strengths in certain areas. So if you already have a CMS in place, or have been recommended one to use, we’ll advise on the pros and cons of each versus the other in terms of its fitness for purpose on your site. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Mambo are just some of your options.