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e-Commerce, aligned with online booking and scheduling is now an integral part of everyday life, and e-IGNiTION can help you to make a risk-free transition to selling your products and services over the Web.

Consumer Spending

Retail analysts Verdict Research recently reported that, ‘the amount of money spent by consumers shopping online in the UK increased by 35% to £14.7bn in 2007′. This growth rate, the fastest in six years, is about 10 times that of the UK’s retail market as whole. Verdict also forecast that online sales would reach £44.9bn by 2012, about 13.8% of total retail spending.

Bricks and Clicks

As e-Commerce grew as a ‘Noughties’ phenomenon, commentators in some circles warned about the inevitable demise of traditional retail. Walking around a modern town centre is all the proof required to dismiss this as lack of imagination in how the world of commerce would evolve for shops, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and others as the Internet emerged. There will remain a need for physical ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets for as long as there is a social aspect to buying and selling; the key for retailers is to ensure that synergies with e-commerce are exploited to their best effect, a phenomenon known as ‘bricks and clicks’.

Internet Presence

If you are selling anything, a strong Internet presence is vital, and e-IGNiTION can give your potential customers choice by establishing strong links between your traditional retail approach and its online counterpart. Have a look around and discover more about how e-IGNiTION can improve the economies, efficiencies and profitability of your business through online sales.