Creativity that captures your image

Design Versus Development

We regard website design and website development as different skills; think of design as being creativity with technical expertise, and development as technical expertise with creativity. Our web design team will sit down with you and take your organisational strategy, culture and ethos and represent it in form, colour, graphics, animation and photography. Beyond that, they will make sure that their creativity is conceptually integrated into the development work to come, as well as being useful for our long-term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimisation (SEO) efforts.

Customer Perception

The way that a website looks is crucial to how a viewer perceives it, and that perception will guide the visitor in forming their opinion of you and your organisation. If your site colours are bold and challenging, does that say the same about your organisation, or are you over-compensating? If it is jam packed with feature rich animation, what does that say about the depth of the organisation behind the veneer? As an organisation, are you dependable, enthusiastic, fun-loving, serious or precise, and do you want to excite, intrigue, challenge or empathise with your customers? Graphic design, animation and colour by e-IGNiTION can convey and elicit all of these moods and emotions, and can compel your online customers to take the action that you want them to take.

Graphic Capability

Our web design team are also professional graphic designers by training, and so we can go well beyond the design that we implement on your website, producing professional and creative traditional marketing materials that complement your website branding. If you already have a recognisable and successful brand, we can use this as our inspiration for your website design.

Capturing Your Mindset

The first step in the web design process involves us getting to know about you and your organisation. Your web designer will want to learn about your products and services, who your target customers are and what your company can do for them. We will discuss how you perceive your business, why customers value your company, and how you want your online presence to affect those customers. The design of your website should reflect your company’s image whilst helping your customers to get what they want, quickly and efficiently.